Gutters Emptied


BLOCKED GUTTERS should never be overlooked. When you buy a house, one of the first things your surveyor will indicate in a report is if your GUTTERS need CLEARING.

Why are they so important ?

The GUTTERS are like the road network of a house. If everything is running smoothly then you won’t have a problem. However, just like a road network, GUTTERS can become easily blocked.

Main causes of Gutters becoming blocked

– #1 Culprit is MOSS on your ROOF, in some cases where moss has severely infested a roof it is advisable to have the ROOF SCRAPED (click here for more Info)

– #2 Is PLANT MATTER. Householder’s often ask us how plants come to grow in their gutters. Well it’s simply a case of Mother Nature. Leaves collect and over time turn to mulch (just like a compost heap) Birds who sit on the ridge often drop seeds (often grass) and this rolls down the roof into the GUTTERS and germinates.

-#3 Foreign Objects. Mainly tennis balls, slipped broken roof tiles and/or roof mortar.

-#4 Screws. Some downspouts have been fixed with screws that are too long i.e they go across the entire spout meaning not a lot will go past them. Eventually the gutters will back up, soil will become more compacted and the water will have nowhere to go when it rains. Accept for down the exterior walls and into your home.

How to spot blocked gutters

Apart from the obvious such as plants poking out, there are other more subtle signs to indicate that your GUTTERS are BLOCKED:

– There is leaking from the joints during & after heavy rain.

– Damp patches may appear on the internal plastering of the property, usually beginning in corners where the external GUTTER BENDS and is the first place to become blocked.

– Heavy dirt occurring on the visible GUTTER LINE. This is suggestive of the gutter channel spilling over in heavy rain, because there is not enough room for water to flow freely.

How bad can it be ?

Unattended BLOCKED GUTTERS can cause serious damage to your property. It can cause Mould & Damp on the inside and in the case of a serious downpour will find an outlet through structural batons often resulting in water damage to electrical sockets.

Moreover, by not maintaining GUTTERS, the weight of blockages will eventually begin to bow the channels which can result in costly repairs and the need for scaffolding to replace.

The irony is GUTTER UNBLOCKING is an inexpensive job. Even on an annual basis (which is more than frequent for most homes unless they are surrounded by trees) the cost would be around £60* price is based on a large semi or average 3 bed detached.

Our Method

There are several companies offering GUTTER CLEARING with a specially designed vacuumed. Although these vacuums undoubtedly have a place in the industry ( such as accessing hard to reach areas or where ladders are not an option) Revive Outdoor Cleaning prefer to CLEAR GUTTERS by hand.

1. A VACUUM WILL NOT UNBLOCK a DOWNSPOUT. Neither will the operative know if it is UNBLOCKED as they are not up there to test it.

2. A VACUUM WILL NOT REMOVE PLANT MATTER from a GUTTER CHANNEL. Matter that is heavily compacted needs some digging to ease it out as it has a root system.

3. A VACUUM WILL NOT TELL YOU IF YOUR BOTTOM LAYER OF ROOF TILES HAS SLIPPED. This is a very common issue & something we see at least once a week. If ROOF TILES are over the GUTTERS or in them, they will cause an obstruction. FURTHERMORE THE VACUUM WILL NOT GO PAST THEM.

4. Both modern & traditional GUTTER SYSTEMS can sometimes be EXTREMELY NARROW due to the pitch of the roof, some also can have strutted clips every metre, these gutters are wholly unsuited to clearing by vacuum.

Revive Outdoor Cleaning offer Gutter Clearing In The Following Areas:


Stoke-on-Trent – Newcastle under Lyme – Stone – Stafford – Leek – Staffordshire Moorlands – Uttoxeter – Cannock – Lichfield – Penkridge


Nantwich – Sandbach – Crewe – Middlewich – Winsford – Alderley Edge – Hale – Congleton – Macclesfield – Northwich – Wilmslow

East Shropshire:

Market Drayton – Telford – Newport – Whitchurch – Wem