Render Revival

Revive Outdoor Cleaning is the leading company for Render Cleaning in Staffordshire & Cheshire.

Render Revival is the solution.

Using the latest in chemical technology & cutting edge methods of application – RENDER REVIVAL is both safe & effective.

No Scaffolding.

No Paint.

The only solution for KRend systems.

We can soft wash your exterior rendering & KRend back to new. What is soft wash? “a soft wash is chemical cleaning designed to kill the mildew, fungus, algae and other contaminates growing on the exterior of your home, especially in damp areas. It is a spray on solution using our Application Machine, mixed at the appropriate ratio and eventually all will come clean as new.

Our application height is as much as 30ft from ground level & up to 60ft with the help of our company Cherry Picker.

Pressure washing on the other hand uses brute force & in some cases can cause damage to render in an attempt to remove the mildew, fungus and algae or what some people call mould. Mould grows especially on drives, roofs, render, gutters, window frames, UPVC, conservatories, just about anywhere where it can live. Soft washing not only removes mould but also sanitizes against its reappearance.

Soft washing is safe and environmentally friendly