The Problem:

Mr & Mrs Hampton are a retired couple living in Sandbach. They came to Revive Outdoor Cleaning by a word of mouth referral from a much valued customer, Mrs M Carter.

Mr & Mrs Hampton pride themselves on keeping everything spick and span. However due to health issues and other commitments, their conservatory was one piece of cleaning that they didn’t fancy. Not only this but despite using several domestic products, The Hamptons were unable to make the Conservatory frame gleam in the way they wanted. It suffered from a few scratches and the usual grey film associated with general environmental pollution.

The Hamptons also had a concealed gutter at the rear of the conservatory which required emptying.

The Solution:

Revive Outdoor Cleaning visited Mr & Mrs Hampton & conducted a test patch to demonstrate how they could effectively restore the UPVC. As a word-of-mouth referral, the Sandbach couple were given our existing customer discount & we conducted the valet during the famous heatwave. 32 degrees ! Many Thanks to Mrs Hampton for the juice and ice she was frequently obliged to make !

The Valet made the Conservatory sparkle again and we emptied the gutter combining a method of gutter vacuum and jetting water through to clear the channel.

Client Name: Mr & Mrs Hampton
1 - 5 Star Review Score:
Testimonial: Excellent work carried out in heat wave but did job as promised. Charming couple - will use them again.”
City: Sandbach
State: England
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