Driveways, Paving & Patios

Driveways and paths 

A clean driveway, path & patio creates a lasting impression upon visitors, potential buyers and is aesthetically pleasing. As a proactive company we are constantly researching the latest and most effective methods available to the outdoor cleaning industry to give our customers the best possible result.

At Revive Outdoor Cleaning we do not use pressure washing on driveways, paths or patios. Instead we use a non-aggressive form of cleaning that is longer-lasting and much more cost effective.

Softwashing vs Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is damaging to paving and pathways often require re-sanding as a result.

Repeated pressure washing makes paving stones porous meaning that biological growth such as moss, algae and lichen will return within months.

Pressure washing is an extremely messy process and requires a lengthy clean up afterwards.

Softwashing is a new, non-aggressive form of cleaning pioneered in the USA and now emerging in the UK and Europe.

Using the softwash method, pathways are prepared using scraping tools and wire brushes to keep damage to a minimum. The softwash chemical is then applied to the surface where it takes effect, removing all surface dirt and killing all deposits of algae, lichen and moss. Meanwhile, the cleaning agent will restore the paving back to the original colour. The softwash method offers protection from any further re-growth of moss, algae etc for at least a year; at this time we strongly recommend that you call us to have your pathway sprayed with a moss-inhibiting biocide. This offers up to 3 years protection and will continue to clean your pathway each time it rains and is relatively inexpensive compared to annual pressure washing costs. Join the softwash revolution and be amazed by the results! This treatment is also available for Render, Roofs, Stone Monuments, K-Rend & Walls.

We offer Driveway & Patio Cleaning in the following areas:


Stoke-on-Trent – Newcastle under Lyme – Stone – Stafford – Leek – Staffordshire Moorlands – Uttoxeter – Cannock – Lichfield – Penkridge


Nantwich – Sandbach – Crewe – Middlewich – Winsford – Alderley Edge – Hale – Congleton – Macclesfield – Northwich – Wilmslow

East Shropshire:

Market Drayton – Telford – Newport – Whitchurch – Wem