Roof Cleaning

Revive Outdoor Cleaning are the No. 1 Professional Roof Cleaners Serving Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Cheshire & East Shropshire Our Methods are ALWAYS NON-AGGRESSIVE.

      A build up of moss, lichen, mold and algae on a roof can look unsightly on the roof of an otherwise clean outside. Roof cleaning has seen a growth of popularity in the UK in recent years not only as it enhances the value and curb appeal of a house but also improvements in air quality and reduction of lead in the atmosphere have resulted in a rapid increase of moss growth especially in damp areas. Aesthetics apart, here are some reasons why roof cleaning is beneficial to the longevity of your propert:

  • Moss, algae and lichen all retain water and increase weight on the roof causing stress upon the supporting structure.

  • Roof structures and battens can warp and deteriorate through dampness.

  • Roof tiles that are consistently wet become porous.

  • Large clumps of moss block channels and gullies and cause permanently blocked gutters and downspouts.

  • Roof debris falls frequently onto paths below causing a hazard and making pathways untidy.

The Common Approach to Roof Cleaning

Many companies advocate pressure washing to clear the moss and debris from a roof. This is inadvisable for the following reasons.

  • Pressure washing affects the porosity and surface characteristics of the roof tile, meaning that biological growth will return more rapidly and with a vengeance.

  • Pressure washing often damages and loosens delicate roof surfaces and is ultimately ineffective and is simply a quick-fix.

  • Pressure washing a roof is an extremely messy process that will require a lot of cleaning up.

Our Approach to Roof Cleaning

Revive Outdoor Cleaning are a proactive company that embrace the latest technological innovations in the cleaning industry. We are part of the Softwash revolution that is now the accepted method of exterior cleaning in the USA and is currently emerging in the UK. Softwashing not only produces amazing results; restoring things back to new – it is also far more cost effective.

The Softwashing Process

Softwashing is a non-aggressive procedure. In the case of a Roof Revival, we would scrape all moss and biological growth from the roof using brushes and hand tools to ensure no damage is caused. Here is an example of roof tiles before and after brushing:

Once the roof is prepared we are ready to apply the Softwash Chemical.

Softwash Chemical and Biocides

Not only is Softwashing non-aggressive, the chemical used also sanitises and kills all colonies of biological growth on the roof. It also contains a cleaning agent that removes dirt layer by layer to reveal the original colour of the tile. The softwash chemical is eco-friendly and conforms to EU regulations and is as such safe to wash away through the gutters. Revive Outdoor Cleaning cover any surrounding areas in tarpaulin to ensure spray drift is kept to a minimum. The chemical is applied using a Machine & Long Pole with Spray Nozzle for maximum coverage.

Prevention rather than Cure

Subsequent to the Softwash treatment we recommend a treatment of Biocide. Once your roof is fully revived and back to new we suggest you opt for a treatment of Biocide. This is relatively inexpensive and will give you up to five years protection from biological regrowth. Its unique moss inhibiting technology cleanses the roof every time it rains and will actively prevent moss, algae and lichen ever forming again ensuring your roof stays clean for years to come.

Revive Outdoor Cleaning offer ROOF CLEANING in the following areas:


Stoke-on-Trent – Newcastle under Lyme – Stone – Stafford – Leek – Staffordshire Moorlands – Uttoxeter – Cannock – Lichfield – Penkridge


Nantwich – Sandbach – Crewe – Middlewich – Winsford – Alderley Edge – Hale – Congleton – Macclesfield – Northwich – Wilmslow

East Shropshire:

Market Drayton – Telford – Newport – Whitchurch – Wem